Why India Matters In Asia

Recently China have been making many unprecedented challenges in the South China Sea which it claim to be theirs and have militarily asserted some of the island in the region. So what can India do to prevent such instances in the future? Here are some of the areas where India can make an impact against rising power of China’s influence in the South China Sea. They are:


The Nuclear City

India have been developing the smart nuclear city secretly in recent years which will make it the world first nuclear city of its kind. So what this will do is keep china out of bay as the Indians have the capability to make nuclear warheads which the Chinese do not have. As India is slowly progressing for more nuclear warheads to deter Chinese influences in the region, so this nuclear city will help India deter Chinese influences in the region drastically.



India – Japan and America Military exercises

This year the trilateral exercises between India Japan and the USA was conducted in the Indian Subcontinent, making it a direct threat to China, who have been in recent times have been acting like a bully. Hence these military exercise will make India a deterrence to china’s influences in Asia.



Brahmos Missile

India supersonic missile which was jointly make with Russia’s help have the capability and the power to reach all part of China and Pakistan and do huge Damages to the surrounding areas. The Brahmos can be fired from Air, Sea and from Land making India capable to conduct a nuclear attack from all front. Recently the Indian have been given the green signal to sell the Brahmos missile to any country it want to sell making a direct challenge to deter Chinese influences as the Indian can sell the weapons to countries who have land disputes with China Like Japan, Vietnam, South Korea Etc. which will make China more afraid of India.



India Aircraft Carrier

Indian have been developing indigenous aircraft carrier in different phases and as it happens it have 1 more air craft carrier than China. India has 2 aircraft carrier while China has only 1 aircraft carrier. And to add more misery to it India have 3 more aircraft carrier on the way while Russia have offered to build the world largest aircraft carrier for some $ 10 Billion, making it the most advanced and most expensive air craft carrier the world has ever seen.



Tejas Light Multi role fighter

India has developed and indigenous a multi role fighter, the Tejas, which make India a real potent rival to China’s 5th generation aircraft fighter. The Tejas multi role fighter has stealth capability which the Chinese officials has even accepted the fact when it was first unveiled in the Bahrain Air Show, Bahrain. To make it worse the Tejas have been successfully fired the Brahmos missile making it able to conduct nuclear attack in China. The Tejas are currently deployed in the aircraft carrier in both the Arabian Peninsula and the Bay of Bengal making it possible to Attack China and Pakistan Simultaneously if it went to war with both the country.






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